I received an email from my employer today. Despite the ominous darkness that crawled in as the mouse hovered over the OPEN button, despite the introspective question, “Have you neurons to waste?” I opened the darn thing. Unsurprisingly, it was the usual regrettably composed, long-winded missive, the type of panic-correspondence sent prior to visits fromContinue reading “Subject: GENTLE REMINDER”


Effy, Iceland was an ice-cream glacier with toady-eyed hobbits! Turbulent ride back – plane being ping-ponged across the sky. My hand got wedged in some guys crotch. His GF is screaming at me, an overzealous Verdi soprano, with dragon-fire breath. We are by the exit row, she has opened the door The salt-water death isContinue reading “Iceland”

Happy International Women’s Day

I have largely ignored International Women’s Day. It has gotten lost among the proliferation of meaningless, monikerous days, weeks and months that we have designated to bring “awareness” to various issues. There’s National Debt Awareness Week, a salute to capitalism, There’s a National Do Your Fucking Job Day and Week for every single profession (I’veContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”

N. I. P. P. L. E.

It’s hard being a popstar, man. All that gyrating gets wearisome and sometimes I wanna jazz things up a little, but the record label usually says Hell no. One time, though, me and Janet took the reins. It was Super Bowl XXXVIII and halftime was ours. Me and Janet masterminded the plan that ultimately cementedContinue reading “N. I. P. P. L. E.”

Los Mexicanos

 They alighted the train at 125th street. Not the type who enter at Grand Central. Not unusual. But today I noticed the family. All tiny, Three kids, woman, Man. Speaking Spanish Probably Taino Indians Probably not It doesn’t matter. The woman and three girls sat down, not together, scattered across the train In the sparselyContinue reading “Los Mexicanos”